Getting a Cut Film & TV for Songwriters!

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Actually Make a Pitch!
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Getting a Cut Film & TV for Songwriters!
Have you ever wondered how music is selected for film/TV? How you can write songs that are pitch-able for these opportunities? What a music supervisor is actually thinking to make decisions about what works in a scene and what doesn’t?
Join songwriter, sync agent and Music Supervisor Shantell Ogden as she answers these questions and more in this interactive 90 min. workshop!
You will learn:
- The basics of sync and how you get paid
- What type of songs work best for sync
- What dictates what makes a song work (or not) in a scene using actual scenes and music that Shantell has placed
In addition, everyone who registers will have the opportunity to pitch one song in advance of the workshop to Shantell for a possible single song sync contract so she can pitch it for upcoming projects!

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